Sonntag, 17. Februar 2013

The Anti-Viral Invention of Virus-Traps Was Disclosed In My German
Patent Application DE19951694 And Is Now Plagiaristically Used By Vecoy

Erez Livneh, CEO and founder of the Israeli company  Vecoy
Nanomedicines made false statements, that he is inventor of

Alexander Cherkasky

In the interview with Rivka Borochov (the press release in internet,
(Isrtrade), “New Israeli nanotech targets a virus’s Achilles heel”,
November 29, 2012, Category: General, Vecoy Nanomedicines has a whole
new approach: a virus “decoy” to outwit the world’s worst enemy before
it does any damage (By Rivka Borochov)) Livneh said “It’s all(!) in
the novelty(!) of what we are doing. While all(!) the current
therapies inhibit the viruses within the infected cell, which is a bit
too late, we are targeting viruses outside the human cells and are
inactivating them before the damage is done.”
Thus Livneh made just two false statements, by telling two times the
word “all”. The anti-viral idea/strategy, Livneh claims as his own, is
not new  and not inventive because of my prior invention published as
German patent application DE19951694 “Method for Regulation of
Expression of Transgenes in Specific Expression Systems, Such As For
Example In Immune Cells B, T and Macrophages in vitro and in vivo”,
(filed on October 27, 1999 and published on May 3, 2001).
In the column 2 (lines 4-17) of DE19951694 is written: “In certain
cases, the regulation, i.e. activation or inhibition of expression is
not necessary. Thus, an immune cell, such as for example macrophage,
NK (natural killer) cells, microglia, T-, B-cell, granulocyte or any
other cell, can express CD4, CD155, Adenovirus-receptor or other
protein, that will be recognized  by viruses(!), and these cells can
additionally express anti-viral RNA sequences, such as for example
antisense RNA or ribozymes against HIV, polioviral or adenoviral RNA.
This expression system builds a trap(!) for viruses, because as soon
as a virus recognizes and binds an extracellular domain of a membrane
protein, like CD4 or CD155, it (this virus) will be destroyed by the
immune cell. The viral RNA will be specifically cleaved (recognized or
neutralized) by antiviral antisense RNA or antiviral ribozyme.”
The Figure 3 is a symbol/schema for the antiviral trap. In the column
4 (lines 7-19) of  DE19951694 is written: “In the Figure 3 is
schematically shown the expression system 1. It (this expression
system 1) contains the nucleus 2, the gene 21 for CD4, CD155,
adenovirus receptor or any other membrane protein, that will be
recognized by any virus; the gene 22 for anti-viral RNA 23, expressed
CD4, CD155, adenovirus receptor 24 or any other membrane protein, that
will be recognized by any virus; and mRNA 25 for the protein 24. The
genes are integrated sequence-specifically. Arrows show the migration
of proteins or nucleic acids.”
This list of numbers and according symbols, especially genes (23) for
membrane proteins (24) (that are recognized by viruses), can be found
in the columns 5 and 6. The claim 11 of my DE19951694 discloses a
macrophage, NK-cell, microglia, B-, T-cell, granulocyte or any other
cell(!), that expresses both
a.      proteins such as for example CD4, CD155, adenovirus receptor and
other proteins, that will be recognized by viruses and
b.      antiviral RNA such as for example antisense RNA or ribozymes
against HIV, polioviral or adenoviral RNA.
Because of my priority and my authorship of this invention of
anti-viral traps, Livneh’s statements about Livneh’s “novelty” and
“authorship” are false.
By doing such false statements, Livneh built and just build false and
bewildering basis for making investment decisions. Investors must know
these facts, because investors of Vecoy Nanomedicines should have
possibilities to reconsider their risks, because the situation
regarding protection from competitors have been changed, (because Erez
Livneh’s according claim is not novel and not inventive, thus
protection from competitors is reduced). Thus Vecoy could be a
money-trap. These facts deserve also consideration of possible
investors and partners of Vecoy Nanomedicines.
Thus Rivka Borochov’s statements “This is not only a novel(!) medical
approach, it also addresses one of the largest challenges when it
comes to viruses, because they cannot adapt and develop resistance to
Vecoy  as they do to anti-viral drugs”, “This new(!) type of
anti-viral strategy, based on a completely new(!) way of thinking(!),
could work to target the worlds’s deadliest viruses, such as HIV,
hepatitis B and C and Ebola, as well as others such as the human
papillomavirus (HPV) and herpes”, “Although Livneh had a successful
career in both academia and later in biotechnology pharmaceutical
companies, this idea to create a new(!) way to target viruses came
through a lot of research, reading and curiosity”, “An Israeli company
hopes to have a new(!) kind of arsenal prepared so that the next big
viral war will be an offensive, and not a defensive action”, “Unlike
anti-viral injections or drugs that are licensed and on the market,
Vecoy is taking a whole new(!) approach to defeating viruses”, “Two
hundred years ago when vaccines were first invented, there was a rapid
change in managing polio and small pox, two viruses that in the modern
world are virtually wiped out. Livneh aspires to be the pioneer(!)
who’ll create tomorrow’s solution in the face of possible biological
warefare, bio-terrorism and the next SARS or avian flu epidemic” and “
“Viruses are one of the biggest threats to humankind”, says Erez
Livneh, the CEO and founder of Vecoy Nanomedicines, the Israeli
company that has developed this new(!) weapon to fight viruses” “ are
false, because of Vecoy’s claimed antiviral strategy of virus-traps is
not novel, not new and not inventive because of my prior description
Livneh’s “reading and curiosity” were not sufficient.
Before attracting and convincing investors to  invest in his firm
Vecoy Nanomedicines, Erez Livneh should make secure searches in the
data banks for patent literature and he should make true statements.
Also the article of Karin Kloosterman “New Israeli tactic makes deadly
viruses commit suicide, Vecoy Nanomedicines  has a whole new(!)
approach: a virus “decoy” to outwit the world’s worst enemy before it
does” (published on the blog contains false and
bewildering statements, both of the author Karin Kloosterman and of
“Israeli biologist Erez Livneh, CEO and founder of a new biotech(!)
company Vecoy Nanomedicines.” Kloosterman’s statements “Vecoy offers a
cunning new(!) way to disarm viruses(!) by luring(!) them to  attack
microscopic, cell-like decoys(!). Once inside(!) these traps(!), the
viruses effectively commit suicide(!). Livneh presented his(!)
invention to colleagues in 2010, when he represented Israel at the
multinational program of the Singularity University, based at NASA’s
Ames Research base in California. He explained that Vecoy
technology(!) can capture(!) and neutralize(!) a wide range of deadly
viruses, including resistant strains for which these are no(!)
vaccinations or cures(!)”, “While it takes years to come up with new
drugs, Vecoy’s(!) virus traps could be tailored to address emerging
new viral out breaks quickly and efficiently, even in the event of a
bioterror assault. If a government sees a threat coming from an enemy
nation or a potential pandemic blowing its way, Vecoy’s(!) solution
could potentially inoculate populations before peril arrives”, “While
the road is long – at least four or five years to start clinical
trials – it is a path be worth taking if these Israeli-made(!) virus
decoys can do the job. If Livneh succeeds on his(!) quest, he(!) will
no doubt(!) go down in the history books along with Louis Pasteur (for
pasteurisation), Sir Alexander Fleming (for penicillin) and Jonas Salk
(polio vaccine)”, “Yet all viruses, he (Livneh)(!) notes, have one
unchangeable Achilles heel: their cell host recognition site(!) Vecoy
uses(!) nanotechnology to give the virus two choices: either latch on
the to the Vecoy (!) host trap or mutate in such a way that it cannot
penetrate real host cells” and “Besides Ebola and new emerging and
highly contagious viruses, Vecoy(!) is also targeting the usual ones
many of us struggle with every day, including hepatitis B and C, the
human papillomavirus and herpes” are false, because Livneh’s i.e.
Vecoy’s described and claimed anti-viral strategy is not novel and not
inventive because of my DE19951694 from the year 1999.
Livneh’s statements “That is why, in theory, a virus cannot develop
adaptive resistance to our(!) traps” and “our(!) virus-traps meet the
viruses on their turf, in the bloodstream where they are disarmed
before they reach the cells and before the damage is done” are false,
because Livneh’s claimed anti-viral technology is not new and not
inventive because of my DE19951694 described above.

Erez Livneh denied to comment this information.